Debby Johnson

debbyI grew up in Vienna, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. Not typical of the area, I attended elementary, middle, high school and college there. For a little while, I lived in Jacksonville, FL but moved “home” because I missed my family. Shortly after moving back, I met my husband at a bus stop in Washington, DC.

Throughout the years, I have worked in various administrative positions from a gun shop (my first job!) to an executive assistant to an up and coming director at MCI (remember the telephone giant?). I like variety, I’m definitely a people person and I also enjoy learning new technology. Working as part of a team, has always been my favorite part of any position.

Twenty years ago my husband was offered a great job here in Colorado. It was supposed to be temporary, but we fell in love with the state and the people.  I love my life here and I’m honored to be part of the staff at Vision Transformation.