Diana Carmosino Haman, C.O.V.T.T

DianaI have been training vision since 1985. In 1993 I completed the C.O.V.D. certification for vision therapy.  Learning is an ongoing process, as the science and clinical data continue to evolve. Education and learning, acquired brain injury, and enhancement of sports performance are the areas of vision rehabilitation I have had the pleasure to work in.

As a child with the burden of having to learn through the visual system and having hyperopia (far sightedness) and diplopia (double vision), I learned the value of vision training which opened my world. Reading became a joy instead of a dreaded necessity. Catching a ball and improved balance allowed me to enjoy and participate in sports. Knowing on a gut level how
lives are enhanced and self confidence is positively effected, I have been passionate about sharing this knowledge. Seeing children and adults transformed and reaching the goals they desire, and sometimes never dreamed possible, as their vision is rehabilitated is a gift and a pleasure.