Brain Injury and Stroke

Because of the widespread representation of vision in the brain, it is vulnerable to injury. And since vision impacts all areas of performance the treatment of vision problems that arise from injury is paramount. People who have been injured often have headaches, light sensitivity, dizziness and balance issues, double vision, words move in jumble on the page, trouble concentrating and with memory and there are visual distortions they cannot even explain. The term Post Trauma Vision Syndrome  is generally how we refer to theses conditions.

A careful Visual Rehabilitation evaluation is appropriate for anyone who has become injured. It is important because, although a person may sound and look “normal,” they may have serious difficulty with knowing how they fit into the environment around them. They can have severe visual distortions that they cannot explain and don’t even know how to complain about, they just know something is terribly wrong.

Many times other therapies, especially vestibular therapy, have stopped being beneficial and patients stop making progress because vision needs to be addressed before progress can continue.

Treatment for post trauma vision syndrome can be relatively simple for 90% of our cases. We work hard to work with other providers to limit overlapping care and to maximize the productivity within each of our specialties. 

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