How much happier would my child be if he could catch a ball? If she could enjoy sports?

No one knows the fact that what you practice is what you get to keep better than athletes. Vision and visualization is a huge part of their training. The eye leads the hand. Any extra edge can mean the game, the scholarship, making the team, or simply enjoying a game of catch just for fun. 

When vision is working well it guides and leads. John Streff quote

  Many offices devote themselves to elite and professional athletes. Although we have trained Olympians and professionals in several sports we have never directed the practice to only elites. We have incorporated tools and equipment used in elite sports vision office into our general training. When a struggling student’s passion is sports, we can train vision and both sports and reading improve. Interestingly one of the benefits of visual training is a significant reduction in sports injury, especially hamstring injury and including concussion! 

Concussion is in the forefront of all conversation about sports. We are fortunate that we have many parameters we can measure to determine baseline prior to injury. This pre-testing is useful to identify for sure if a person has sustained a concussion and also when is safe to return to play. We can do this pre-concussion or post-concussion testing vary easily in this office.

We welcome the opportunity to train athletes at all levels of accomplishment.

  Larry Fitzgerald is a fine example for why we have this attitude. 

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