Debby Johnson

Our staff have all experienced the power of vision therapy. Dr. Kruger's assistant, Amy, has two children that have gone through vision therapy. Diana and Judy, our therapists have had years of experience as well.

All our staff are dedicated to making your experience here as convenient and enjoying as possible. We are all open to accommodating your needs when possible. If there are any questions the staff are unsure of, our office manager, Irene will get back to you.

Debby Johnson

I grew up in Vienna, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. Not typical of the area, I attended elementary, middle, high school and college there. For a little while, I lived in Jacksonville, FL but moved “home” because I missed my family. Shortly after moving back, I met my husband at a bus stop in Washington, DC.

Throughout the years, I have worked in various administrative positions from a gun shop (my first job!) to an executive assistant to an up and coming director at MCI (remember the telephone giant?). I like variety, I’m definitely a people person and I also enjoy learning new technology. Working as part of a team has always been my favorite part of any position.

Twenty years ago my husband was offered a great job here in Colorado. It was supposed to be temporary, but we fell in love with the state and the people. I love my life here and I’m honored to be part of the staff at Vision Transformation.

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