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Many people who come here have been ill or injured. They have had difficulty learning or getting along, feeling comfortable or confident. They are on a journey to improve something in their lives.

We would like these stories to be available to people to see on our website. Please do not confine your story to just this office. We want to share all the things you think will help and encourage other people like you. Please email your story to

I have been in private practice optometry since 1989. In that time I have learned that many people don’t even think to ask themselves if their visual system is limiting their ability to work or to play.

Most people just accept the fact that they will need stronger and stronger glasses; that they cannot change their visual system; that the headaches they have are not avoidable; that there is some defect in themselves that they are not able to pay attention; that even though they are hardworking they are unable to learn; that they are doomed to frustration…Science has proven that these statements are usually false.

My own life is an example.

In my youth I had a terrible time reading. I learned to compensate by being a good listener, being good at multiple choice tests and paying attention in class. I read and re-read the material until I was exhausted. I copied books by hand so that I could get the information from writing it rather than reading it. I was able to get good grades without getting much from the reading. I fooled everyone…until college.

In college there was not enough time for me to do these time-consuming compensations. I ran out of time and energy. I became near-sighted (which I corrected with therapy so that now I only need reading glasses). I had intermittent double vision from an eye-teaming problem which impacted my ability to move my eyes when I was reading. It took so much energy to coordinate my eyes that I didn’t have any energy left to understand what I had read.

I chose to go to optometry school to fix my vision problem. I decided that if a problem like mine could be cured with vision therapy then that was what I wanted to do with my life! I finished optometry school with less effort than it had taken me in high school. Eliminating the eye-teaming problem made all the difference in my life.

In addition to my optometric training, I am also trained in classical homeopathy. I have found that homeopathy is a great adjunct to optometric care. It helps us remove obstacles to treatment and reach our goals better and faster.

- Marisa Kruger

Hello, my name is Autumn Schwinn and May 8th of 2015 was a day that changed my life. I was in a roll over car accident on the highway and came out with a Traumatic Brain Injury. After being in a coma for a week and Craig rehab hospital for 3 months, I learned something about hope. You see I had to relearn to do basic tasks and still to this day, almost 4 years out, I am working towards getting behind the wheel again. But I realized that being grumpy got me nowhere in life and I would rather be happy and pleasant then depressed and grouchy. It is surprising how far hope can get you, but it can help in the most disheartening of times! And when you come out on the other end with a smile on your face, you encourage other people to have that same hope. Don’t give up because there is someone who you haven’t met yet that needs you to stay the course. Life is too short not to make a difference. So, have hope and never give up!


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