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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Vision therapy has changed our lives. One of our children has sensory challenges and we have tried different therapies but vision therapy has had the greatest impact. It improved his life at school and our whole family’s life at home. We can’t thank Dr. Kruger and Judy enough."
  • "My daughter needed vision therapy after a fall she took skiing. She was in high school and noticed focusing issues while trying to read advanced literature. After vision testing showed she was reading at a 4th grade level, vision therapy was started. After a very reasonable length of time in vision therapy, my daughter was back to reading at college level!"
  • "My son struggled with reading for long stretches and would come home from school very irritable and tired. After vision therapy and with his glasses, he has greater stamina and his outlook on his work has improved. It has been huge for our whole family."
  • "Ashton has shown a lot of improvement over the last year. He wouldn’t look at us when we spoke to him because it was hard for him. Now he does, and he carries on better conversations with us. Also, his eye-hand coordination has improved greatly!"
  • "Vision therapy just makes sense to me. We first noticed my son struggled with strabismus when he was about 12 months old. Traditional medicine was quick to recommend surgery. We gave in to the pressure to pursue surgery, and unfortunately the doctor over-corrected, and now his right eye wanders out. When they suggested a second surgery to correct the first one, we decided to meet with Dr. Kruger and her team to investigate and explore vision therapy more seriously. Surgery may esthetically straighten the eyes (maybe), but it does not train the brain to help the eyes to work together. That is why vision therapy makes sense to me. It is a holistic approach to help correct eye abnormalities. Vision therapy has not only helped my son visually; it has also helped us understand how he has viewed the world and his surroundings, behaviorally, since he was two years old. Dr. Kruger and her team are phenomenal."
  • "I was in a bad car accident and was suffering all around. When I came to this location I was skeptical anything would work. I felt hopeless. The amazing staff was very welcoming and nice. I was blown away about the way they treated me and the care of what they were doing. I loved what they’ve done for me. It’s changed my life. They have given me back a piece of me that I thought I lost. I truly believe in the hard work they put towards every patient!"
  • "Vision therapy has been great for our son Adam. It has helped him with his tracking for reading and with school. When he got a concussion from baseball, therapy also helped him recover from his injury much quicker."
  • "Marisa, Judy, and the team have done an amazing job with helping my children’s eye problems. I highly recommend Vision Transformation, as they are both professional and caring."
  • "There are many things to be thankful for when speaking about Vision Transformation. The staff/team members are friendly and welcoming, they talk to my child, the patient, rather than talk through me, and most importantly, all of us that are involved in my kiddo’s life have seen a drastic change and improvement. I couldn’t imagine if we didn’t find them. Where would we be without them?"
  • "My daughter, Julia, got glasses in preschool. When she was in 2nd grade the teacher thought she had a processing disorder. A friend suggested Dr. Kruger. After a thorough diagnosis, a treatment plan was put in place. Julia spent one year in eye therapy working with Judy and Dr. Kruger. As a result of eye therapy, Julia has more self confidence, is able to excel at sports, and is a 4.0 student in middle school. The entire Vision Transformation staff is amazing!"
  • "My son has been receiving services from this office since he was three years old, over ten years now. I am very happy with the comprehensive exams and vision therapy my son has received. His vision has gotten so much stronger, which has helped him be successful in school and with daily activities. I would strongly recommend working with this office."
  • "Hi, my name is Kyle. I survived three aneurysms at the age of twelve years old, rendering me useless. I fell in love with the sport called sled hockey, where I defend the net as my team’s goalie, with natural blind spots in my eyes. I improve my daily life and my goalie life by spending time doing eye therapy to improve myself and to better the chances I have on defending the net, by working on things one step at a time."
  • "I had no idea that a head injury could affect my vision. As an artist I rely on seeing color correctly, and drawing line accurately. Working with the Vision Transformation staff, I regained seeing color accurately and am drawing again with confidence. At home vision exercises continue to improve my healing processes."
  • "I had a major head/brain injury that affected my vision (among other issues). My quest to improve my vision issues ended with Vision Transformation! After three years of other therapies and no improvement, Vision Transformation changed my life. I am now able to see clearly, drive at night, and get back to living a vibrant and mobile life! A big thank you to Dr. Kruger and her team for healing my vision and giving me back a life that I can enjoy!"
  • "Dr. Kruger works wonders. She's absolutely fantastic, I've been a patient for years and is the only doctor I'll see. She's absolutely recommended."
  • "Dr. Kruger and her staff are AMAZING!!! Working with Judy in my therapy was nothing but the best treatment. As silly as some of the treatment seamed at first, it really did work for me, I saw results almost always right away. Simple and very fun! Judy was always able to work with my schedule, witch was another great benefit. In my option, receiving the different light therapy treatments has been a huge important part of my recovery. I am a firm believer in Dr. Kruger's work. I am still continuing and will continue to use my light colored glasses as needed. I highly recommend the services provided by Vision Transformation. Nothing but the best treatment from Dr. Kruger and staff! Thank you to you all!"
  • ""From the beginning and throughout my [accident] recovery process, Dr. Kruger and her staff have listened and intuitively adjusted therapy to meet my needs. Her staff is a wonderful complement to her practice. From the outset, I had no idea to the extent of damage that I had sustained and verbalizing what I was experiencing was very difficult for me, still Dr. Kruger and her staff used training and experience to help me heal.

    I am forever grateful for the care that I received and will recommend putting 100% trust in the services of Dr. Kruger and her staff.""

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