Vision Impacts Learning

The primary system we use to learn is vision. Some professionals use the term “non-verbal” or “performance”. It boils down to the same thing: Vision. This is where all kinds of professionals get their feathers ruffled. There really isn’t a need. The fact that there are so many avenues to utilize and train vision is cause for celebration, not discord. It is no mystery that we see it differently. (Pun intended!) We do not need to hold a single view of vision and try to make everyone fit our philosophy.

When a person is having problems learning or paying attention we have the privilege of making an assessment of how they use their vision to gather and process visual information and determine in what way it isn’t working. We can at that point address ourselves to figuring out how to train the missing piece, filling the gaps that have caused the learning problem and 99% of the time that does the trick. There are many professionals who look to identify learning disabilities. That is not us. We look for how to connect with a person, wherever they are, and help them find a way to learn using vision, the dominate system in the brain. Visual training is the process by which we improve visual abilities.

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